DAX Advanced


Upcoming date: June 23, 2020
Course duration: 4 hours
Delivery hours: 9:00h – 13:00h Central European Summer Time
Delivery format: 
Online Live Training
Delivery language: English
Instructors: (Italian team) Lorenzo Vercellati & Riccardo Perico

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Preparing your data is more important than building the report itself. Why? Because if the data requirements needed to support the business processes does not match the raw data from the sources we have, then it will not be an accurate report.

An advanced course to understand how to implement complex calculations that will allow your data to be flexible to your business needs. For this course you will need to be familiar with Power BI data modelling.

Apply filters, variables and time intelligence to create advanced modelling techniques. Lastly, you will be able to apply layers of security to your Power BI ecosystem and assign role members.

  • Design, refine and optimize data models
  • Create analytical calculations using Data Analysis eXpressions (DAX)
  • Adding Time Intelligence to your model
  • Applying security to your Power BI


Modeling – Introduction to DAX 

  • DAX Explained
  • DAX Function
  • Understanding Context
    • Row Context
    • Query Context
    • Filter Context
  • CALCULATE Function
  • Time Intelligence – Date Table
  • Variables (VAR)

Modeling – Advanced Modeling Techniques

  • Calculated Tables
  • Disconnected Slicers
  • Time Intelligence
  • Relationships
    • Active/Inactive
    • Cross Filter
  • Role-Playing Dimensions
  • Q&A(Desktop)
  • What-If Parameters
  • Grouping & Binning Data

Modeling – Security 

  • Security Overview
  • Roles
  • Row Filters
  • Row Level Security
  • Role Members

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